We provide our customers with unparalleled service and value. We are a
service provider, and that's our focus.  Whether you are looking for dollar
value or satisfying final results, Sud n Clean is your answer.

We have four types of services tailored to meet your agribusinesses,
commercial, and residential needs:

Specializing in poultry house components, we price by the piece, giving us
the opportunity to spend the extra time to get your fans and brooders clean
without cleaning your pocketbook. Includes equipment lube, and we offer
annual, reduced-price maintenance agreements at a 15% savings off regular

Wood Restoration
We are a PWNA Certified Wood Restoration Contractor, and a licensed Home Improvement contractor*.  We know that wood
decks and fences require protection from the elements in order to maintain their performance and looks.  Just simply power washing a deck or fence can destroy the wood fibers.  We can strip off the old sealer, gently wash the wood surface and then brighten the wood.  After the wood dries, we will apply a high quality, contractor grade stain/sealer which will work to protect your investment from harmful UV rays, water damage and the normal wear and tear of everyday use.

Commercial and Residential Building
Whether brick and mortar or vinyl siding, soffits or rain gutters, we provide the special cleaning your exterior requires.  As a PWNA Certified House Washing Contractor, we take care to protect the plants surrounding your structure, as well as what we call the "target surface" - the exterior of your home, office or commerical building.  Using a low-pressure wash system, we apply our cleaning mixture, allowing it to dwell on the surface, and then gently rinse the surface clean.  Areas such a concrete surfaces under porches will be cleaned also, but with high pressure to remove ground in dirt, algae and mold, leaving behind a fresh, clean surface.

Driveways and sidewalks are no problem, either.  We have special equipment just for this purpose.  Allow us to apply the finishing touch to your building wash by cleaning the surrounding concrete surfaces.

Fleet Washing
Keeping your commercial vehicles clean is vital to any business. A dirty vehicle is not only bad on a promotional basis, but can also catch the eye of Transportation Authorities . . . in a bad way!  We provide fleet washing services designed to protect your name and your budget!

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"I am completely satisfied with the job Brad did on our shop building.  I would definitely recommend Sud n Clean Power Washing."

- Dr. Bonnie Harding, Center Point Animal Hospital

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