In business since 2009, Sud n Clean Power Washing was born in the economic climate of the Great Recession.

Workers in all business sectors were being laid off.  In fact, Brad received a "pink slip" himself from a local factory in December of 2008 as many business reluctantly used layoffs in an attempt to survive the recession. 

He began to seek out service opportunities in the area, focusing on the agriculture sector.  After several months of researching the poultry industry, Brad opened Sud n Clean Power Washing in August of 2009.  He was soon providing pressure washing services for poultry owners: cleaning tunnel fans, brooders, cool cells, and side walls.  This is still an important part of his business.

Aware that he could also provide services for residential owners and business owners, Brad soon expanded into house washing.  As a PWNA Certified House Wash Contractor, Sud n Clean can safely wash exterior structure surfaces, removing unsightly algae, mildew and mold leaving your exterior fresh and clean. 

Brad is also a licensed and certified Wood Restoration contractor.  He can strip, clean and seal wood decks and fences, and provide a low cost maintenance program preserving your beautiful wood for many years to come.

Whatever pressure washing need you have, Sud n Clean Power Washing is ready to provide the cleaning service you expect, at a price that won't clean out your wallet.
About Sud n Clean Power Washing
"I made a mess!!!  Oops!!!
After choosing the wrong color of deck sealer and spraying it on my deck (which the sealer turned out to be orange) Brad was needing to try out a new product so I told him to try it.  He was able to get all the orange color off and was able to restore it back to its natural color (which was western cedar). He did a wonderful job!"

  - Matt & Sandy, deck owners

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